Vets 4 Vets motorcycle ride, our first BIG sponsor!

July 30, 2023

Prior to completing our 501 (c)(3)status , I had sent several letters explaining what Veterans Cuts was about looking for any type of help I could generate.  Well it grabbed a few peoples attention. One being a person whom grew up and played in the home I’m currently living in, but long before I was there.  His name is “Mac”.  He’s part of a supportive veterans group called Vets 4 Vets.  He informed me that they would like to sponsor us in an upcoming motorcycle ride their organization does.  I was elated.  I couldn’t wait.  The weather was gorgeous for a ride.  We also did it but in my suv.  They presented us with a generous check, our very first sponsor!

Thank you Vets 4 Vets, you will always be near and dear to Veterans Cuts.

And Mac, whether you read this or not, you’ve been a true mentor to me and the Veterans Cut team.  I don’t think I would function without you, you my friend started the ball rolling and you’re still behind me coaching me whenever I need you. Thank you Mac!