The Veterans Cuts Logo

March 5, 2024


What Does our logo mean to us? In a word… everything.  Our logo symbolizes everything we stand for in one easy to recognize image.  The barber holding the trimmers and scissors represents our commitment to serving our Veterans with complimentary haircuts while the backdrop of the Stars & Stripes symbolizes our love and commitment to the betterment of our nation.  Wrapped in a band of gold to symbolize purity, honesty, integrity and truth.  These are our foundations.  These are the principles we built Veterans Cuts with.  Unwaivering commitment to our Veterans as a gesture of grattitude for their service and sacrifice. And to our donors & supporters, without whom we could not do what we do.  Without you… there is no us.  It is because of this pride in our commitment that we take all steps required to protect what we have built and made sure to have our logo officially trademarked in the State of Illinois so as to prevent any other “bad actors” from attempting to usurp what we have created and use it to decieve our supporters.  We KNOW that with your support we will continue to grow across our great nation and be able to provide for our Veterans from coast to coast! Our goal is to have our logo proudly displayed on our network of “boots on the ground” supporting shops and salons and have a legion of barbers and stylists that show their support for what we do.

-Pete Thomson

Vice President- Veterans Cuts