March 18, 2024

“The Resilient:

Resilience. There is a resilient spirit covering chosen people amongst Humanity. That Resilient spirit lives deeply within our Veteran Community.
Veterans, nationwide, have taken upon heavy burdens to protect, serve and hold our nation and its people close under their wings.
Each Veteran, whether he or she be in the pits of resiliency (as it requires challenges and hardship) or whether he or she has already “bounced back”, will go on to fight against terrors and temptations of the enemy, daily.
To understand why a simple act of kindness is necessary, we must first undertake the challenges of speaking and tuning into the “how and why” behind each veteran’s resilient spirit.
We must understand our Veteran community holds powerful missions, and it takes a nation of civilians and veterans to uphold each community dwelling in the US.
To our Veteran communities: know you’re extremely resilient amongst billions of people worldwide. You deserve more than we can ever give, but I pray the gifts of kindness find you in a position of carrying forth a positive mental outcome. May you never feel as though your missions are equal to profit for others.. may we begin to mold a new pathway forward: to harness growth of resiliency based upon community.

❤️ -MK”