Pete Thomson Bio

Pete Thomson

Vice President
Chief Administrative Officer

Growing up the son of an “army brat” mom and a banker dad, Pete grew to love all things military at a very early age. With a long family military history, he still proudly display his grandparents WW2 dog tags.
As a young man Pete focused on construction and specifically safety and first-aid eventually becoming an Occupation First Aid (OFAIII) and Construction Safety Officer (CSO). Pete also spent time in the oil and gas industry as an emergency field medic and head camp medic and is also certified K9 and feline disease and wound detection and prevention trained provider.
Pete’s most recent role was that of Regional Sales Manager for a safety consulting firm working with Unions and businesses of all sizes helping workers receive safety training and has personally helped over 10 thousand workers receive training.
In his spare time Pete loves nothing more than escaping to nature, woodcarving, or simply being around family.