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Welcome to Veterans Cuts news and Blog page.  Here is where you can follow us along in our mission doing what we do best.  One haircut at a time.  We’re always on the move, planning, visiting to make our mission the best it can be.  We hope you too will enjoy the miles of smiles Veterans Cuts are creating while doing “one cut at a time.”

The Veterans Cuts Logo

March 5, 2024

  What Does our logo mean to us? In a word… everything.  Our logo symbolizes everything we stand for in one easy to recognize image.  The barber holding the trimmers and scissors represents our commitment to serving our Veterans with complimentary haircuts while the backdrop of the Stars & Stripes symbolizes our love and commitment […]

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Veterans Cuts invited to do radio program Hometown Heroes

February 27, 2024

Just recently, Jackie our President was invited to speak about Veterans Cuts on a radio program.  We are so honored to have been asked to join this program and we are looking forward to fostering new and exciting connections with everyone as we organically grow our base of operations from Peoria, Illinois outward.  Thank you […]

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March is shaping up really well for Veterans Cuts…

February 22, 2024

The month of March brings several things…Spring, Leprechauns, but most of all LUCK!  We at Veterans Cuts have a busy month ahead of us and hope for all of the above.  I think we all are rooting for an early spring, I know I am.  We have our Cut-a-Thon coming up, our very first big […]

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We’re back at the Peoria, Illinois Veterans Home

February 12, 2024

We were back again to the Veterans Home in Peoria, Illinois today!  Such a great group to talk to, and they are really bonding with our stylist that graciously helps Veterans Cuts with our Cuts there.  She’s the best, and very caring as well.   Huge shout out also to Amika Hair Products, our Veterans love […]

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Who’s my hero?

February 12, 2024

Who’s my hero? Easy. My grandparents.  They fought in WW2 and every generation of my family short of my parents were part of the war effort.  I can’t begin to imagine what they went through and the things they saw and lived through.  It is because of the bravery of the men and women of […]

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