How it all began

September 20, 2023

Veterans Cuts Logo

How did we begin?  Well, it’s an interesting story for sure.  Veterans Cuts was founded and created by Jackie Patten as her way of giving back to all those who have served.  But, with any idea what does one do when they have a great idea? She consulted with her friend Pete. They both put their thoughts together to make things happen.  Jackie and Pete sat down and created a way of giving back.  Originally, Veterans Cuts was not a 501(c)(3) Non Profit but instead it was a LLC.  However, procuring funding for growth it was quickly realized as an obstacle too great and the decision was made to become an fully registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.  So thats exactly what Jackie sought out to do.  Back to the attorney she went.   On Sept. 11, 2023 Veterans Cuts received it’s certification from the IRS and Veterans Cuts being NPO was able to successfully provide our first complimentary haircut to a well deserving Veteran.  Since then, we have already managed to provide several haircuts across 5 different states.  Based out of East Peoria, Illinois the decision was made to stay local and allow the organization the opportunity to grow organically, slowly and with honor. We have been achieving that with great success and we are incredibly proud of what we and our entire team have built so far…. and it’s only up from here!