Fundraising at Gator’z Pub & Grill

October 1, 2023

I stumbled upon an event that was taking place in a small town called LaRose, IL.  There is a small quaint little bar & restaurant called “Gatorz Pub & Grill.  I phoned the owner Deborah an asked if she would be okay with VC doing a 50/50 during the event.  She agreed.  It was our first 50/50 since becoming the 501(c)(3) and I was sorta nervous but like always I jumped right in.  We truly had a ball.  Crafts were sold by locals, the smell of kettle corn, lemonade for sale.  Truly a small town event.  Inside the owner was doing what he does best. Cooking.  The food at this establishment is wonderful.  It was their octoberfest.  We bellied up to the bar in between 50/50’s and enjoyed the people, and watched the magic show and enjoyed a couple beers.  The day was a total success and to this day Gatorz Pub & Grill have become true supporters to Veterans Cuts.  I gotta get back there some Thursday because they serve what looks to be the best “BBQ’d pork shanks I’ve ever seen!” Thanks so much to our new found friends at Gatorz Pub & Grill.