Our first WW2 Marine Veteran. Meet Etta “Jack” Leverton

August 5, 2023


I received a phone call about a sweet little “100” year old marine veteran.  Since she was tucked away in a location and short notice the mission called on me.  So I packed up my tools and off I went.

Here was this sweet frail lovely lady named “Etta” who goes by the nickname “Jack”.  She was an airplane type mechanic.  A marine!
She sat so quietly, she was hearing impaired and nearly blind.  I had to raise my voice so she could even partially hear me.
I worked as quick as I could as she transformed into the most beautiful, sweetest little woman I will NEVER forget!

I couldn’t help myself upon completion to get real close and hollar into her ear as I lightly kissed her cheek and I said “Thank you for your service” and lo and behold she quickly turned her head and almost head butted me and yelled “Semper fi”… I still can’t tell the story without goosebumps!  She was simply lovely.