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Cuts solely exists to give back to those who have sacrificed more than we will ever know. This is a small gesture of gratitude for a very large commitment. It may seem modest to some, but a fresh complimentary haircut, and maybe even a shave, from a talented barber or stylist who also happens to be a great listener . . .

  • Tells a Veteran that they have not been forgotten.
  • Offers healing, because being heard mends some wounds and contributes to well-being.
  • Demonstrates that fellow Americans are grateful for their sacrifice.
  • Can be a significant boost to a Veteran’s day.
  • Prepares Veterans for job interviews.

The only way we can meet our goal of providing complimentary haircuts for Veterans in every state is through generous support. Please join us in extending a handshake (and maybe even a hug) of gratitude. By paying the bill, we get to say a collective Thank You.

Of course, we are always able to accept tried and true checks in the mail as well. To send a donation please make sure to include all your information and make checks out to:

Veterans Cuts

212 Cobblestone Lane

East Peoria, Illinois


Thank You for your kindness and donations to help our Veterans.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donation is a charitable donation and a receipt will be mailed back to sending address for tax purposes.