Veterans Cuts invited to do radio program Hometown Heroes

Just recently, Jackie our President was invited to speak about Veterans Cuts on a radio program.  We are so honored to have been asked to join this program and we are looking forward to fostering new and exciting connections with everyone as we organically grow our base of operations from Peoria, Illinois outward.  Thank you to the hosts and special guest that made Jackie feel so heard and appreciated.  We at Veterans Cuts are very humble and all we can say is thank you to our Veterans for all they did and thank you to our supporters and donors.

Without you… there is no us.

Take a listen to the program below.  Grab some popcorn and settle in to listen as it’s an hour long but well worth hearing.

You can find their page here:

Who’s my hero?

Who’s my hero? Easy. My grandparents.  They fought in WW2 and every generation of my family short of my parents were part of the war effort.  I can’t begin to imagine what they went through and the things they saw and lived through.  It is because of the bravery of the men and women of their time and our time that we enjoy the freedoms that we get to have daily.  It is because of people like them stepping up and answering the call to duty that we are free to live as free people and because of the brave men and women in service I work tirelessly alongside our team to create Veterans Cuts and be able to say Thank you for your service.

To all that served, and continue to serve…. Thank you.

All gave some,

Some gave all.

You are our heroes.

Our 2nd WW2 Veteran. Meet Guilford

Jackie has also now had the incredible honor of cutting our 2nd WW2 Veterans hair.  Mr. Guilford Zook was in the United States Army from 1944-1946.  It was an amazing time for Jackie getting to provide this service for this distinguished gentleman.  His wit, humour and love of life was obvious to all around him. Thank you for your service sir.

*Update: It is with great regret that we must announce that Mr. Guilford Zook has sadly passed away at the astonishing age of 103.  What stories he would have had to tell.  On behalf of not only us here at Veterans Cuts but for all freedom loving Americans let us just say Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Rest in peace good sir.

Fundraising at Gator’z Pub & Grill

I stumbled upon an event that was taking place in a small town called LaRose, IL.  There is a small quaint little bar & restaurant called “Gatorz Pub & Grill.  I phoned the owner Deborah an asked if she would be okay with VC doing a 50/50 during the event.  She agreed.  It was our first 50/50 since becoming the 501(c)(3) and I was sorta nervous but like always I jumped right in.  We truly had a ball.  Crafts were sold by locals, the smell of kettle corn, lemonade for sale.  Truly a small town event.  Inside the owner was doing what he does best. Cooking.  The food at this establishment is wonderful.  It was their octoberfest.  We bellied up to the bar in between 50/50’s and enjoyed the people, and watched the magic show and enjoyed a couple beers.  The day was a total success and to this day Gatorz Pub & Grill have become true supporters to Veterans Cuts.  I gotta get back there some Thursday because they serve what looks to be the best “BBQ’d pork shanks I’ve ever seen!” Thanks so much to our new found friends at Gatorz Pub & Grill.



How it all began

Veterans Cuts Logo

How did we begin?  Well, it’s an interesting story for sure.  Veterans Cuts was founded and created by Jackie Patten as her way of giving back to all those who have served.  But, with any idea what does one do when they have a great idea? She consulted with her friend Pete. They both put their thoughts together to make things happen.  Jackie and Pete sat down and created a way of giving back.  Originally, Veterans Cuts was not a 501(c)(3) Non Profit but instead it was a LLC.  However, procuring funding for growth it was quickly realized as an obstacle too great and the decision was made to become an fully registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.  So thats exactly what Jackie sought out to do.  Back to the attorney she went.   On Sept. 11, 2023 Veterans Cuts received it’s certification from the IRS and Veterans Cuts being NPO was able to successfully provide our first complimentary haircut to a well deserving Veteran.  Since then, we have already managed to provide several haircuts across 5 different states.  Based out of East Peoria, Illinois the decision was made to stay local and allow the organization the opportunity to grow organically, slowly and with honor. We have been achieving that with great success and we are incredibly proud of what we and our entire team have built so far…. and it’s only up from here!