Does something as simple as a haircut make a difference to our Veterans lives?

This was a letter sent to us from a supporter showing how what we do makes a positive impact on those we serve. This letter shows that Veterans Cuts has a direct positive impact on our veterans, their quality of life and the general betterment of the communities we serve.

*Photo submitted of actual author.

“Hello, and thank you for taking the time to review my proposal. I would like to start by saying that this is a service that all can use, and benefit from. To get to the point, I have chosen to go the veterans helping veterans route. I always believed that in this practice, veterans will simply look out for each other no matter the conditions. My time as a resident was a time for me to set a plan, execute the plan, and use myself as a resource for other veterans as well as homeless individuals who I could help at the same time. Grooming, and self care goes a long way. Considering that homeless and veterans are typically in a position where what their appearance is, generally cuts them out of any chance to progress, and obtain opportunities for their own growth. Being a past resident myself of 17 months, I have had the pleasure of helping my fellow veterans to change that perception. We are visual people, and it is the first judgment we make on everything. If it doesn’t look good, we will often reject it. I was able to get into Barber school to gain my credentials here at Richmond Technical Centre while a resident at Liberation Veteran Housing, in which I’m 4 class days to complete, with the absolute intentions of helping my fellow vets as much as I could. At the same time, I managed to become the house barber, by offering these services while a resident. The effect I was hoping for was working, I didn’t want it to be over when I left. So I revised my plan, and here we are, my services, like in any other shop, are completely voluntary. I have a sliding scale of payment ranging from $5 to $20. I will make myself available 5 days a week. from 8 am to 12 noon. weekends by appt. only. I accept cash,and vouchers. Cards at a later time. There is no cost to Liberation, I provide all tools and supplies. I am vested in my fellow veterans, I am a man of service, if not for my path would be in a different direction. I believe this is my direction. Life is Hard, even harder for the less fortunate, This is my attempt to give back to the community by way of Liberation. Images and Pride , the business of changing images, and instilling pride. No change can happen if you don’t start with self. At the end of the day, this becomes a model for others, shelters and programs, in not only the city of Richmond, but anywhere where veterans or those without are found. Somebody just needs to go first. The process works…it can work better, and I would like to help”

-A.J. Thompson


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Veterans Cuts has achieved Gold Transparency 2024 from Candid and we are firmly on our way to top level Platinum. Candid helps us add clarity and trustworthiness that your donations are going to where we say they will go and gives you the donor or corporate sponsor confidence in your donations. Thank you for your support. Without you there is no us.

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Our Vice President finally shaved his head!



It finally happened! Our Veep Pete was notorious for his long hair.  Over the past weekend Pete finally sat in a chair and let his two teenage sons shave half his head each in support of Veterans and our mission.  What a handsome fellow he is now! Join us with the same enthusiasm as our Vice President and donate today. Help us help our Veterans who mean so much to us all!






Veterans Cuts welcomes Julie Hileman to our team!

All of us at Veterans Cuts would like to extend the warmest welcome to our newest member Julie.  Julie comes to us from East Peoria, Illinois. We are honored to have her on our team and look forward to her enthusiasm and input towards our mission of serving Veterans.  Welcome Aboard Madame Secretary!


“The Resilient:

Resilience. There is a resilient spirit covering chosen people amongst Humanity. That Resilient spirit lives deeply within our Veteran Community.
Veterans, nationwide, have taken upon heavy burdens to protect, serve and hold our nation and its people close under their wings.
Each Veteran, whether he or she be in the pits of resiliency (as it requires challenges and hardship) or whether he or she has already “bounced back”, will go on to fight against terrors and temptations of the enemy, daily.
To understand why a simple act of kindness is necessary, we must first undertake the challenges of speaking and tuning into the “how and why” behind each veteran’s resilient spirit.
We must understand our Veteran community holds powerful missions, and it takes a nation of civilians and veterans to uphold each community dwelling in the US.
To our Veteran communities: know you’re extremely resilient amongst billions of people worldwide. You deserve more than we can ever give, but I pray the gifts of kindness find you in a position of carrying forth a positive mental outcome. May you never feel as though your missions are equal to profit for others.. may we begin to mold a new pathway forward: to harness growth of resiliency based upon community.

❤️ -MK”