March is shaping up really well for Veterans Cuts…

The month of March brings several things…Spring, Leprechauns, but most of all LUCK!  We at Veterans Cuts have a busy month ahead of us and hope for all of the above.  I think we all are rooting for an early spring, I know I am.  We have our Cut-a-Thon coming up, our very first big fundraising event and we’re hoping for a great outcome.  We also have a couple more important dates that we hope will bring great things for us.  So, keep following us, because without you, there is no us.  

We’re back at the Peoria, Illinois Veterans Home

We were back again to the Veterans Home in Peoria, Illinois today!  Such a great group to talk to, and they are really bonding with our stylist that graciously helps Veterans Cuts with our Cuts there.  She’s the best, and very caring as well.   Huge shout out also to Amika Hair Products, our Veterans love the samples you have donated as well.  Everyone there is so grateful and appreciative for what Veterans Cuts is able to do, and if it weren’t for our donors, there would be no US!  Remember, have you donated a cut lately?

“Breath of FresHAIR” Cut-a-thon COMING SOON NEAR YOU!!!


Veterans Cuts will soon be partaking in a Cut-a-thon with the help of

VFW Post 9016 at 300 Zinser Place, Washington, IL 61571

Breakfast/Brunch will start at 8:00 am and continue through til 2:00 pm.  Haircuts will be taking place from 11:00-2:00.  Stylist will be volenteer’s from local shops.  We’re hoping for a huge success to continue offering complimentary haircuts for our mission.

*Veterans seeking those complimentary haircuts MUST sign up thru our Veterans block on our homepage as this fundraiser is only to raise funds for our mission, and we won’t be giving complimentary haircuts on this day.  ALL CUTS will be $14.00.  Breakfast/Brunch plates will be $10.00.   We plan to have additional exciting things as well.  So come on out, just in time for your Easter cut.  Support our Veterans!

New Board Members added..

Cuts proudly adds our latest additions! We’re thrilled to welcome these two remarkable gentlemen to our mission. We’re growing! Learn more about them by clicking on our “about page”… Welcome Joe and Mac…so happy your on board with us!

“2024” Welcomes Home our First Cut of the Year!!!

Today I happened to pop into a shop locally here in East Peoria to recruit perhaps another shop for Veterans Cuts.  As I spoke to the barber, we compared our history,  and shared some laughs and memories.  Being in this business after so many years it truly is one big family.  The door opened to her next cut, and as he was greeted.  I asked “are you a veteran?”  His answer, “yes”.   So, today Veterans Cuts donated their 1st cut of the year 2024!  Not only was he a veteran, this was his first cut after just exiting military life.  “Welcome home Sergeant Major Oliver.”  We wish you the best in your future endeavors.  It was my pleasure meeting you today.  Good Luck growing your hair out, and Thank YOU Regina for making our Veteran look stupendous!!