Memorial Day at Morton High School, Morton, IL.

On May 27th, 2024 Veterans Cuts was honored to be present to hear the stories of “17” WWII Veterans that were the last know WWII Veterans left in Tazewell County.  It was held in Morton, IL at the High School Theater and was a full house to say the least, they even had chairs throughout the halls with TV’s so the overflow could vision it clearly as well.  The  “17” WWII Veterans all sat on the stage and each had their own story to share.  They were given gifts from town mayors, legislators and fellow veterans.  They ranged from the age of 95-106.  The event lasted two hours and I didn’t even flinch.  The memories they shared were amazing.  There was one that flew over 100 fighter missions.  Another wore his actual uniform to the event.  That in itself was so special (I still have my school uniform several years later, and that would be impossible).  This day is a memory that most couldn’t even imagine and I’m so glad to have been present. 

Memorial Day is approaching

An amazingly memorable afternoon, so happy we were there to be a part of this event 🇺🇸 Even though the rain was coming down, our President and Marketing Coordinator were determined to attend this honorable event.  So glad we did, we met some very influential Commanders in and around the State of Illinois, including the State Commander!


Happy “106” Birthday Richard Lohnes, WWll Veteran

Veterans Cuts joined many other Veterans on the weekend of Saturday, May 4, 2024 to wish Veteran Richard Lohnes a very happy “106” birthday!!!  He is the OLDEST of  “17” WWll Veterans in Tazewell county.  Richard “Dick” Lohnes currently still resides in his own home.  As we drove up he was sitting comfortably on his porch smiling and waving as the bikes, and vehicles pulled up.  One by one we approached Mr. Lohnes and shook his hand personally and wished him a very happy birthday.  What a amazing, chilling afternoon it was.  He was alert and very happy to speak to everyone.  Jackie, our President and Shannon, our Marketing Coordinator were also there.  We supplied Mr. Lohnes with his personal birthday hat, card and a couple of balloons as well.  It truly was amazing to be able to meet such an honorable great veterans of this era.  The stories that were shared, the decorated yard, the span of the bikes traveling to road to Green Valley….truly chilling event.  Thank you Mr. Lohnes for your service Sir….and we hope to see you again next year!!!  

WWll Veterans Celebration in May

Our President and Marketing Coordinator will be attending an event in May that will honor the Tazewell County WWll Veterans.  It’s our understanding that we have 18 in this area.  We’re really looking forward to meeting them and hearing their stories.  There will be additional guests at this event as well.  Stay tuned!

Our “Team” is growing!

I speak for the whole team at Veterans Cuts that we are very proud and lucky to have picked up a new team member.  Meet our new “Marketing Coordinator” Shannon Saal.  She is a perfect fit for our team and I personally can’t wait to see all the exciting things we all will be working on together.  We have already met for lunch twice and shared so many ideas, along with a load of laughter!  She is a very caring person and also very knowledgable when it  comes to military veterans.   

Welcome to the team Shannon!